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The english version. The FARIO CLUB - a fly fishing club in Berlin/Brandenburg - Germany.

What is Fario e.V.?

Fario e.V. is a non-profit fly fishing club, created only for the public welfare. It was founded and is maintained by enthusiastic fly fishing women and men, living in Berlin and the State of Brandenburg. The club is a source of information and forum for all issues of fly fishing, especially the fishing for non-salmonids. We are a member of the Brandenburg Association of Anglers e.V. (LAV).

What are the goals of Fario e.V.?

Our declared explicit goal is to preserve and to protect the natural environment and the native species living within and around the riparian habitat. The club is actively engaged in the renaturalization of the Dosse river within a length of 45 miles, with the goal of creating self-sustaining trout and grayling populations. For our members and whoever is interested in fly fishing, we offer a broad spectrum of information and action taken on the issues of fly fishing. The membership offers not only the opportunity to obtain an annual fishing permit - which gives you the right to fish for salmonids in more than 20 rivers and streams in the State of Brandenburg - but also access to very valuable inside information.

What has happened in the last few years?
A summary of the club chronicle:

In 1995 eight heroic fly fishermen from Berlin got together and founded the fly fishing club Fario e.V., with the aim to lease its own fishing stream. However, first they had to find one. In 2014 we reached a total number of 102 club members. For the salmonid section of the Dosse and the small tributary streams used as trout "kindergartens", we went into a guardianship contract with the District of Wittstock Association of Anglers. Electro fishing surveys in the Dosse revealed increasing numbers of trout fingerlings during the last two years. This is a good sign of success in the renaturalization of the river system - but there is still a long way to go for the club to reach its aims!
Many of the club's proposed tasks are accomplished with the financial support of the German Association of Anglers (DAV) and the LAV.

Catch and release in germany?

Catch and release fishing is gaining in popularity as more and more anglers are becoming concerned about our fisheries. Increasing numbers of anglers are fishing both accessible waters and remote areas. Zero catch limit or size limit regulations are mandatory in some waters. Without these regulations, the preservation of many fisheries could only be achieved through increased season closures.
More and more people who fish for sport are choosing to release their catch to ensure good fishing for another time. This catch and release philosophy suggests that angling is valued as a high-quality recreational experience, rather than just a way to secure food.

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